History of Hot Pot

Hotpot is a dish with an extensive history.  Known by many names, depending on the region (here it is familiarly known as fondue, or shabu-shabu), hotpot consists of a soup base, often placed in the middle of the table, to which different meats, vegetables, tofu, and noodles are added and cooked in the simmering broth.  The cooked food is then withdrawn from the broth and can be eaten with a dipping sauce.  


From the Owner

My introduction to hot pot came while traveling in China sixteen years ago.  I was surprised to discover how relaxing it could be to “do it yourself” . . . to control the cooking process, and to prepare my meal exactly the way I liked it.  I was impressed with how fresh the meats and vegetables tasted when cooked that way.  And it was fun!

Although some pronounce and spell it “Rojos”, we spell it Ro-Jo’s.  Either way it’s a great interactive meal, served with the freshest ingredients, dipping sauces, and homemade egg noodles.