7 Proteins  -  5 Broths - 3 Vegetable Plates - 2 Seafood Platters

The Ro-J0's Way

Entree price includes select Broths and all Vegetable Plates

We feature individual hotpots, so you can always cook and enjoy your meal at your own pace.

R0-Jo's Original

A savory broth made with hearty

chicken stock and fresh herbs


Wholesome, delicately seasoned vegetable broth

Fiery Szechuan $2.00

Our own combination of chili peppers and spices

Miso $2.00

Flavorful miso broth with tofu and seaweed

Curry $2.00

An aromatic blend of curries,

choice of mild or spicy


Suggested cooking times in your choice of broth.

Chicken & Tofu

only needs to be warmed up


All Red Meats

Color changes when cooked

Shrimp about 1 minute

It will turn pink

 Vegetables and Noodles


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