Create your own Meal

Limitless meal combinations

Entree price ranges from

$8.75 - $14.25 Lunch

$12.50 - 18.50 Dinner

$15.50 - $18.50 Seafood Platters

Entree price includes select Broths and all Vegetable Plates

At Ro-Jo’s we features lots of fresh vegetables, your choice of protein, and freshly-made egg noodles.  This will be cooked in one of our five savory broths.  We feature individual pots; you can enjoy your meal at your own pace and according to your own taste. If you’re in a rush, you can eat a healthy, satisfying meal in less than a half hour.  If you prefer to decompress, chat, and enjoy your meal in a more leisurely fashion, you can do that too.

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